Luxury Indulgence

Luxury beauty spa treatments that will make your friends jealous. If you have had a hard day and
or just want to be pampered, look no further, I have the luxury spa treatments for you.

When Did You Last Make Some Time For Yourself?beauty-towels

We all become run down from our daily lives and it’s essential to our well being that we take some time for ourselves.

Like a growing lavish garden, if we don’t take the time to gently repair and beautify ourselves, our lavish beauty fades away.

I am passionate about wellbeing — so I have created a Beauty Spa service where women can relax, recooporate and be pampered with a luxurious range of spa & beauty treatments.

Feeling great has a lot to do with treating yourself well, so let me come and provide you with outstanding service and care.

pink-flowers-estheticsWhat Can I Do For You?

It’s simple really. If you feel good on the outside, it shows on the inside and the whole world around you seems that much sweeter.

People who take care of themselves have an inner glow that shows on their faces. Spa Lavish is all about you and renewing that glow- whether it is just one treatment or ten.

My name is Victoria and I’ve had an unquenched passion for the beauty industry since I can remember. I’d love to have the chance to share this passion with you to enhance and revitalize your natural glow.

Call me on: 9921 8794